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New Hampshire Here I Come!

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I started my research for the next bookstore in the usual way – Googled “Best Independent bookstores in New Hampshire.” First in line was a Yankee Magazine review which I’d seen during another such search. Sadly though, the only New Hampshire bookstore listed there had a note beside it ‘’Closed,” which reminded me that I sure hope all the bookstores… Read more »

Fiction Addiction in South Carolina

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I’m delighted to take my literary road trip back down south right now — smack dab in the middle of the darkest, coldest and wettest season in the Pacific Northwest. I could use a sun break. I’ll admit that it didn’t take too much online research to find the South Carolina bookstore that sounds just right to me. With a… Read more »

Connecticut and R. J. Julia Booksellers

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I know Connecticut is beautiful — from the countryside to the shore.  I’ve seen it myself.  My online search for an independent bookstore here pulls me to the shore and specifically to Madison, Connecticut, home of R. J. Julia Booksellers.  Find them here:  I fell in love with this bookstore as soon as I saw their website.  The masthead… Read more »

Southern Hospitality

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Southern Hospitality I have to admit that I’m kind of happy to be leaving the Northeast, if only for this brief stop in the South.   The South produces great literature, right?  I’m ready to find out — beginning with Georgia. Usually, when moving to a new state, I check out a map, look for a place that seems geographically interesting,… Read more »

On to New Jersey

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I’m kind of reluctant to leave Pennsylvania, the rolling hills and beautiful, though coal mining damaged countryside to head off to New Jersey.  New Jersey?  Yeah, I have all sorts of preconceived notions about New Jersey even though I’m most familiar with the airport, having flown to New York via New Jersey from Seattle several times over the years —… Read more »

Onward to Pennsylvania

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This time, in researching independent bookstores in Pennsylvania, I decide to look outside of the big cities because the bookstores in Philadelphia remind me of bookstores in Seattle.  There’s the college bookstore, a couple of big bookstores, the LGBT bookstore, an artsy bookstore and some used bookstores.  I’m sure they’re all great but I think I need to cast a… Read more »

Literary Road Trip

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I’m a reader.  I read all kinds of books, mostly fiction.  Sometimes a friend will suggest a book for me to read, or I’ll check out the New York Times Book Review on Sundays, or the Staff Picks shelf at my favorite independent bookstores.  It’s all pretty random.  But recently I’ve become interested in the idea of place in literature.  The… Read more »