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On the road to New Hampshire

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In the middle of the night the wind picked up, we heard rain on the old transom windows and the temperature dropped over twenty degrees. Phew. Linda sent us off in the morning with a fabulous breakfast of Eggs Benedict her way–two poached eggs over maple bacon on a croissant and covered in hollandaise sauce. Definitely one of the best… Read more »

Vermont – Day Two

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            With the whole day to explore Vermont’s capitol and Lake Champlain, and the forecast for more record-breaking temps, we head straight for the water to hike along the lake.  The trail was leafy in spots and beachy in others and we especially enjoyed the prevailing breeze off the water. It felt so good to… Read more »

On to Vermont

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After a great night in Lenox including an amazing dinner of duck breast in salted caramel sauce (right?) at the Alta Bistro and a comfy bed at the Birchwood Inn, we take a brief sojourn to the Norman Rockwell Museum. I’m not expecting much but the setting is gorgeous (miles of rolling hills) and there’s a special exhibit of Andy… Read more »

On the Road

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Here I am in the Northeast for a little Autumn road trip—what the locals call “leaf peeping.”  We’re starting out in Boston and then taking a loop route across Massachusetts to Lenox, up to Burlington, Vermont, over to North Conway and the White Mountains in New Hampshire and then back to Boston for some good food and museums and quality… Read more »

Rainy Day Blues

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It’s never good to begin the day with paying bills and considering how much money is not enough money. And since it’s mid-June and only fifty-nine degrees and wet, I switch on my SAD light while pondering which raingear to wear over which running shirt. The dog is agitating to get going. And the children from the school on the… Read more »

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015 – Oh how lovely to begin this day with a beautiful sunrise – all pink and lavender and blue – and move on to a Billy Collins poem called “Writing in the Afterlife” which is a kind of writing hell where one is shackled into a boat and told to describe the place in all its… Read more »

Calling in Well

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In the cold rainy days of November, I hope I remember how I began this lovely summer day by watering the pots on my deck, deadheading the petunias out front and then moving to the backyard (mostly just a patio) to pull a few weeds and give the bed and pots back there a good soaking too. I hope I… Read more »

What’s on my nightstand?

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This was originally posted on writeinseattle. Do you ever dream about being interviewed by the New York Times after your novel becomes a bestseller? Yes, well. . .  I love that feature in the Book Review, By the Book, where an author is interviewed and asked, among other things: “What’s on your nightstand right now?” Sometimes I scoff at how… Read more »