“Leap of Faith” published by Rat City Publishing

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Leap of Faith

An Ann Dexter mystery published by Rat City Publishing

My mystery novel, Leap of Faith, was chosen as the debut book for new Seattle imprint Rat City Publishing. Read all about it here.

About the book:

Seattle Times reporter Ann Dexter is always on the hunt for the big story – the one that will catapult her from beat reporter to the Pulitzer Prize.  When a wealthy widow jumps to her death from the city’s suicide bridge, leaving all her money to a sketchy New Age church and its resident psychic medium, Ann is on the case. Intent on exposing the church as a fraud, Ann signs up for a psychic workshop and finds herself inexplicably drawn to the very man she suspects.

Eager for justice, Ann follows a trial of clues that lead from the board room of a software startup to a Mexican spa and retreat center. Ultimately Ann’s search for the truth brings her face to face with a twisted killer and challenges all her beliefs about love and life and death.

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