Calling in Well

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photo (19)In the cold rainy days of November, I hope I remember how I began this lovely summer day by watering the pots on my deck, deadheading the petunias out front and then moving to the backyard (mostly just a patio) to pull a few weeds and give the bed and pots back there a good soaking too. I hope I remember the way that the air feels, fresh and warm and a little bit humid this morning. I feel a hint of the end of summer in the air, too, and it makes me feel a little sad. So I decided to “call in well” to work and savor this day by simply puttering around with my dog, Phoebe. Oh happy day!photo (20)

First stop after breakfast: a trip to the beach! Phoebe hit the sand running, exuding pure doggie joy and running laps just for the fun of it.  Luckily we found a stick discarded near the shoreline since I didn’t bring a ball along today—couldn’t find one anywhere since Phoebe has a tendency to offer up her tennis balls to the beach gods just about every chance she gets. Today Phoebe wanted to spend most of her time in the water, tirelessly swimming after the stick until she got distracted by another dog—exuberant lab with tennis ball! The two of photo (18)them chased around on the shore a bit and then went their separate ways as the dog’s owner and I discussed the fabulous weather and this place as “dog heaven.” Not too bad for human’s either.

I should be writing today—I always feel a little guilty when I’m not making progress on a novel, piling up the pages. But I’m distracted, my head is too full of the book launch celebration for my mystery novel, Leap of Faith, which is coming right up on Thursday at 7:00 at Elliott Bay Books. Read about it here: But, hey, I’m writing this journal entry, right? Well, maybe later, after I’ve spent some time sitting in the sun and finishing the book I’m reading now, The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel Brown. I love this story of the University of Washington 1936 crew team which goes to the Berlin Olympic and wins. Doesn’t matter that I know the ending—it’s a great story about how perseverance and team effort and hard work pays off.

Here’s another thing that keeps me from getting much done today:photo (26)

You’d think she’d just get back to her sunbathing in the front yard. Except that Phoebe always wants to be right where I am. Aren’t dogs the best?

photo (23)

2 thoughts on “Calling in Well

  1. Barbara

    You rocked last night’s book launch! Maybe the day of rest helped — at least as much rest as a dog ever gives you.


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